Who is responsible for the record of the month?

Vinyl-traffic is a group of people searching constantly for new records to add to their record collection. We like our music to be adventurous and decent, an individual art statement. We are really getting bored and frustrated with blunt, flat, soulless “products” and of course we pass them by.

We know no music boundaries and that’s why every month we’ll be sending to you something new and different: Indie/Electro/Pop/Rock/Soul/Jazz/Extreme Metal/Psychedelic/Experimental anything that crosses your dirty mind! Music that is worth your time and money!

If you subscribe at vinyl-traffic club you should expect anything! Tip: Apart from the “Record Archive”, we recommend that you check regularly the “Stuff we like” section in our homepage which is constantly updated to get an idea of our current fixes!


How much does a subscription cost?

Domestic Plan

1 month : 23€
3 months: 22€ / month Total . 66€
6 months: 21€ / month Total . 126€


1 month : 31€
3 months: 30€ / month Total . 90€
6 months: 29€ / month Total . 174€

Rest of the World

1 month : 35€
3 months: 33€ / month Total . 99€
6 months: 31€ / month Total . 186€


Can I purchase a gift-subscription for someone?

By all means! This will be a divine present for that “special-one” person of yours! You can purchase any subscription-plan you wish, but please inform us about this in the “comments” section.


When should I expect my record to arrive?

We ship all packages on the first week of the month and we will notify you with an email. The delivery date depends on your location and our beloved post-office! As a rough estimate, you should expect domestic delivery in 1-3 days, Europe delivery in 7-9 days, Rest of the World delivery in 12-16 days.


When does my subscription Start?

If you subscribe within the first week of the month, you will be included in the next month delivery and your subscription will start then.

If you subscribe somewhere at the middle of the month or at the end of it, you will be included in the following month delivery. For example: If you subscribe at the third week of January, your subscription will start on March.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Oh..come on..why on earth would you want to do such a thing?? However, if you do insist, please drop us a line at our email: info@vinyl-traffic.com and we will get back to you with further instructions.


My subscription ended and I want more of those beautiful vinyl-traffic packages. What
should I do?

First of all, we want to tell you that we love you! Just drop us a line at our email: info@vinyl-traffic.com and we will get back to you with all the proper instructions for renewing your subscription.


Oh No! I already have the record of the month that you sent to me! What should I do?

Bummer! Currently we don’t offer refunds. Your best option is to exchange it at your local second-hand record shop and give the opportunity to someone else to acquire a top-notch record. If this continues we wish to congratulate you for your great music taste! Seriously, just drop us a line at our email: info@vinyl-traffic.com and we will arrange some “special treat” for your next subscription to make you even happier!


Can I request an album?

You can always use our social media (twitter/facebook/instagram) to propose/recommend a future “Record of the Month” and please rest assured that we take your proposals under serious consideration.


Can I be part of the vinyl-traffic team?

We currently don’t have any job/intern positions but if you think you can fit in, then do drop us a line at our email: info@vinyl-traffic.com and explain to us why you think you are suitable to join our team.


Can I request shipping my vinyl out of the cover to avoid seam splits etc?

Of course! When you subscribe, inform us about your request in the “comments” section and we will take care of the rest.

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