About us


Music that we can touch in our hands and
feel in our hearts

About us

Vinyl-traffic is a group of people that have been working together since the beginning of 2013.

Each of us is different, yet we all have a common mentality and aesthetics about things in life. Most of all we are a group of people that share a big passion for music.

In vinyl-traffic we believe in the power of music. We feel that the power of a music album is in its physical form: the vinyl record. We consider it an art declaration, a strong artistic expression with different effects on everyone.

We tend to link our favorite music with the small, precious, rare moments in life and we take every little step forward always empowered by music. Music that we can touch with our hands and feel in our hearts.

We are all music nerds, just like you! We spend our money on buying
records, going to concerts and arguing all the time about bands and records with our friends.

That’s why we launched vinyl-traffic club, so that we can discover and share incredible music, great vinyl that fell down the cracks somewhere along the way, music that should be listened to and appreciated by more people.

Without any music boundaries, we will introduce to you great music albums that we think are essential to any updated collection. In this way we hope to create a community of music lovers with the similar mentality, linked altogether by our favorite music.

If you want to be a part of our community, then you can easily subscribe to the vinyl-traffic club.

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